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The Valentine One radar detector offers an ideal combination of powerful technology and superior quality. Designed down to the last detail, it represents the benchmark in the field of radar protection.

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The Valentine One radar detector combines powerful technology and superior quality. Designed down to the last detail, it is the benchmark in the field of radar protection. With a proven track record, the Valentine One has so far won every comparison test. Designed by Mike Valentine, the inventor of the modern radar warning device (1976), the device is now available in a version specially developed for Europe.


  • New: Excellent front police Ka band detection. Therefore, optimal detection of the Multanova 6F which is widely used in Europe.
  • New: Only two simply selectable operating modes. In order to avoid false alarms, the K-Band can be deactivated, e. g. on highways.
  • Because of their negative effect on European systems, the US features POP-Mode und Ka-Superwide have been removed.
  • Only radar detector with front & rear antennas providing 360 degree alerts
  • Only for Valentine One and original European version: Highly effective suppression of false alarms in the K band with software specifically developed for Europe: Up to 80% (with optional accessories as much as 95%) of false positives can be filtered out! In addition, the device can be individually programmed for the needs of the client. There are at special settings for use in city traffic or on highways and for use abroad.
  • Outstanding detection range up to 700m .
  • Clear audio alerts – only radar detector with arrow alerts pointing in the direction      of the alert
  • Updateable. The Valentine one can be updated with the latest hardware and software (charges may apply).
  • No interference from mobiles (GSM) or other radar detectors
  • Ergonomic, robust magnesium case. No special knowledge needed for safe, quick installation. Power supply (12 V) via the cigarette lighter power connector or inconspicuous cabling using the supplied adapter.
  • Very compact: 115 x 93 x 25 mm, Weight: 190 g
  • Wide range of accessories and mounting systems included.
  • 100% invisible to VG2, VG4 radar detector detectors; 80% invisible to Spectre II, Spectre III, Stalcar radar detector detectors