Genevo One Vertikal


The mobile radar detector! Clear leader in dimensions, and value for money! For vertical installation.

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Genevo’s idea was simple and crystal clear.

The mobile Genevo radar detector was going to be as small and simple as possible, but able to compete with all useful features of the best radar detectors. This is the recipe. Add to it the high value for money – the result is the G1, Genevo’s first mobile radar detector. Below, find its advantages in detail:

The G1 offers reliable detection of mobile and stationary radar via its radar antenna and GPS technology.

Acoustical Warning in german language and warning signals !!

› The G1 is the world’s smallest mobile radar detector.

The G1 offers:

› Protection from mobile radar controls in Europe
› Protection from stationary speed cameras in Germany/Austria/Switzerlandland/Österreich/Schweiz
› Protection from traffic light speed cameras
› Protection from Section Control
› Latest Data from Germany’s leading database for Blitzer
› Extrely powerful GPS module for secure detetction
› Personal POI positions can be manually saved
› Optional setting of a minimum speed alarm
› G1 reports all hazards in German – intuitiv and easily understandable for you
› The G1 can be easily configured in German