AL Priority Dual Head


The latest generation of Antilaser and the successor of the most successful laser defense series –  Antilaser G9 – worldwide.

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Antilaser AL Priority (ALP) Dual Head

The latest generation of Antilaser and the successor of the most successful laser defense series – Antilaser g9 – worldwide. New features include the extremely compact dimensions of the sensors in relation to their unprecedented efficiency.

The AL Priority is patented and TUV approved as a parking assistant.  It meets all the necessary standards of the automotive industry for a worry-free operation inside your vehicle. In addition, the ALP offers optional 100% protection against all speed controls  with any of the laser guns currently used in Europe.

New and improved features of AL Priority: With the new generation of Antilasers, it is possible update the codes of future laser sources even without hardware changes via and even to read in self-recorded new laser sources.

ALP operating concept

Antilaser has redeveloped the operation of the ALP from scratch. This means that more setting options are available and that operation is now much easier.

The ALP Configurator

With the Configurator all settings can be done easily via PC:

New ALP Sensors

have also been further optimized. They are not only compact (30x14x57mm) and more efficient but their installation into the vehicle has been simplified. A new Dual Core Processor ensures even more processing power.

AL Priority Delivery

The set consists of:

  • Control Unit + 1 Sensor  
  • (optional up to Sensors possible)
  • incl. cable and mounting aids
  • Geeignet für alle Fahrzeuge
  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty