Escort Passport 9500ix GPS


Escort Passport 9500iX GPS – New! Mobile High-End GPS radar detector now in the European Version.

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New: European version of 9500ix GPS now available.

  • First mobile High-End GPS radar detector
  • 360 degree radar and laser detection !
  • Automatic brightness controll
  • AutoSensitivity mode provides real-time radar performance based on vehicle speed (Highway, City traffic)
  • DSP antenna with intelligent sensitivity
  • New: Unique AutoLearn functionality to reduce false alarms
  • Ergonomic design
  • Mute & Automute functions
  • High End technology and design
  • Point OInteresting Updates via Internet
  • Compact dimensions
    • Can be combined with AL G9 RX  !!
  • Invisible to radar detector detectors (VG2mm protection)
  • Detection of all frequencies used by European radar systems
  • Smart Cord power adaptor
  • Ultra bright LCD Display
  • Weight 170g